The 16 week development program where you step into your aligned, media-ready visibility... to truly SHINE.

For full impact, a success mindset and a better income.

Ready? Come chat to me

MY STRATEGY MASTERCLASS - For a short time only it's available... and FREE! You seen it yet?


This is my 90 minute, jam-packed masterclass where you'll learn 3 success strategies you can apply straightaway to skyrocket your media credibility and profile. Also you'll find out how to start transforming feelings of ‘not-enoughness’ and overwhelm into a media-ready mindset. I also share the 5 biggest Media Myths that are holding you back (and killing your confidence) unnecessarily! Also, you can access the ‘Winning Pitch Template’ that leads to successful media responses (like TV shows and magazines) and crucially, what the turn-offs are!

Whatever you are... as we move in 2020, it's time to get prepared. Inside and out. 
The social equivalent of the Wild West is coming… because right now, competition is growing and we need to get OUT THERE with our talents, messages and skills.  The BEST way is by leveraging the media and conditioning your mindset for success.
You’re one of those best-kept secrets. Under the radar.

BUT - WAIT, something has stopped you up ‘til now.

I have found that it boils down to two things:

You either have knowledge gaps to FILL OR personal blocks to REMOVE.

YES, we need the strategies to get noticed but ALSO we need SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT to stand out and be heard.


Well, hello. I’m ready for YOU.


Deep down you know you are meant for more. 

If you have the expertise or talent, and you are looking for more impact, influence and (let's be real) income then there is a fast track way to get it…. By GETTING VISIBLE - but more than that... being 100% READY to step into the fullest version of you. 

Truthbomb: No matter how talented you are, how good your brand is, how many 'word of mouths' you have, or how great your back catalogue is… Nobody is going to TRUST YOU, TAKE A CHANCE ON YOU or PICK YOU if they don’t know who you are... which means you can't scale or impact at a MASSIVE level. you will remain low profile as everyone else (annoyingly) passes you by and gets in the spotlight. And that, in my TV and coaching experience, happens WAY TOO MUCH. 

So, is it time to finally get serious about your life’s work and GET.IN.THE.GAME?



IF YES... Then the RAISING RECOGNITION 16 week program is for you.
  • You feel a bit frustrated, you feel like ‘that should be me!’ but you’re not sure how to get that magnetism!
  • Why is X Y Z able to get a load of jobs/clients/media gigs and I can’t?
  • I'm time-short, with inconsistent income but I’m GOOD.
  • Isn’t it really awkward approaching strangers with my gifts, talents or brand?
  • Am I subconsciously repelling attention and publicity?
  • Will I suddenly turn into Kim Kardashian if I start promoting myself?
  • How does all this media stuff even work?


  • Do I need an agent? A publicist? A life coach? All?
  • Can’t I just do a quick Google search and sort all this out? (HINT, NO!)
  • How do I get that mainstream media magic into my life (HINT, I can help with this!)?
  • How can I avoid ‘selling out’, selling my soul and being a bit of a creep?
  • Isn’t 'networking' naff?
  • Will anyone actually care anyway?
  • What if I let down my family and mess up?
  • What if I fail or get judged?

Is this even possible for me?

Can I step into my own power?


FACT: You have the ability to impact ON A GLOBAL SCALE.


My personal and business coaching strategies, creative consultancy and 15+ years of BIG media experience in content creation, audience trends, branding, pitching and producing… this is now the new framework for your success. Consider me your POSSIBILITY POPPY. If you are TALENTED, truly READY and ALL-IN… Then I’m here to guide you into your greatness on a strategic level AND a self-development level. Because the secret of success requires BOTH elements. How many superstars, world leaders and thought-leaders do you see who haven’t got the know-how AND the self-belief? 


Yes, sometimes the confidence takes a knock and there’s always more to learn - but without joining the dots of STRATEGY + SELF WORTH with a team of supporters, it will be stalling, stagnant and scary. 

But I have your back!

I LOVE making other people get seen, become famous, fully stepping into the spotlight of their purpose and future. This is my skill. I see you. I spot talent of the future. I navigate strategic and soulful moves for established talent, which take them closer to their dreams. 

You can quite easily (with my step-by-step modular program)  raise up your reputation and fast track your visibility, with high-profile publicity and popularity… starting NOW.

Jessica Bendien - Talent Executive

There’s nothing ‘traditional’ about Poppy – she spent 15 years working in TV alongside industry Execs and celebrities at the top of their game, so you’re guaranteed a creative, outside-the-box approach and left-field, winning thinking.

Laura Whitmore - Presenter + DJ + UNICEF Ambassador

I first met Poppy ten years ago working in MTV. She’s always had such a brilliant work ethic and an infectious enthusiasm that she brings to all parts of her life. She’s an inspirational powerhouse of a woman and I doubt there’s anything she can’t do. She’s also a great friend.

Philippa Perry - Author, Psychotherapist

Poppy is a neurosis-free person who can work out what she feels, so knows what she wants AND GOES FOR IT. She invents fabulous TV formats that run and run, has a great relationship with her adolescent son and, (what I care about most), is my friend.


And I am ONLY looking for THE BEST KEPT SECRETS to join me in my program. So if your audience, clients, customers are telling you that you should be 'better known', 'off-the-hook-with-offers' OR you just don't want to spend another year 'waiting/planning/prepping' (analysis paralysis is real!) then come apply to be nurtured all the way to that dream.

And to be clear, recognition isn't an ego thing. This is just a HEART knowingness. A call. A duty. A service. A lifestyle. I've worked with some of the most successful global celebrities and leading experts, and they all have something in common: there is no other option because it's a SOUL thing.

You probably know you're meant to play bigger, feel more free to be the real you, risk the judgement, show up fully as the leader of your life - so let me help you FLY!

So get into that 'no going back' zone with our Raising Recognition expert team.



IF YOU WANT more visibility and recognition, personal growth, clear branding, big confidence, unshakeable self-belief, a relevant media network and blackbook connections, emotional mastery, publicity techniques and a structured action plan of HOW to set the world alight with your work then keep reading, my friend…



I’ve been creative mainstream media boss for over 15 years… and I am a devoted coach helping others level-up into their dreams.

  • I have been a celebrity talent booker, have helped cast major TV programmes and produced everyone from A listers to cult favourites. 

  • I’ve helped build up household celebrity names from unknowns throughout my media career. 

  • With my high-level coaching work, I have helped shift perspectives and success levels, which have led to promotions, job offers, new ventures, career change, new relationships, financial growth and greater impact.

  • I am connected to and have amazing friends within PR, global talent agencies, editorial houses, Television and Film Companies, the music industry and publishing. I regularly recommend people I’ve worked with, or I’m asked for advice on those I consider ‘ones to watch’ or connect with.


  • I’ve created, pitched, branded and negotiated multi-million pound hit shows. I've been involved in award-winning and groundbreaking TV shows and I LOVE creating winning solutions and fresh ideas for even the most challenging of situations.

  • I am actively running a TV Formats company, attending media events across the world, pitching constantly to networks, working with on-screen talent, working with high-profile coaching clients. 

  • I am holistic but grounded in practical work. I've been called a 'modern haute healer' with an accessible spiritual toolkit to pass on. Energy shifting is my thing.
  • I am a trusted creative collaborator, speaker and curator with BAFTA, Soho House Group, The Ned, The Groucho Club, Allbright Collective and many more media based, invite-only communities. We are stronger together.



My mission is simple: to make others SHINE. 

And finally, I’ve had a hell of a life already and have achieved success against the odds, which explains the deep motivation behind my work with this RR Program.

I am open and honest about the fact that everything doesn’t always run smoothly BUT we can always turn things around and RISE UP.  I care about the whole person - inner and outer fulfilment.

Here’s my own story (in a nutshell!) which I tell you to inspire you. So, from rising up against the odds as a ‘nobody’ from a small Cornish town with no connections or ‘ins’, inspired by my dad's well-known miracle battle with cancer (they gave him 10 days, he did 15 years with smiles), getting married young and then being pregnant and having my son at University (and still getting a First class degree - because I didn't listen to the lecturers saying I couldn't possibly continue! ). I got into TV by winning a national creativity award with The Guardian newspaper, and worked my way up quickly in Entertainment and Comedy industry becoming a Producer at 24 and a Head of Creative Development (that's ideas, pitching, branding, talent, producing) and BAFTA judge at 28 on a six figure salary. 

I’ve been married, divorced (oooh, that was tough one!), plunged into HUGE debt as a single, working mum running a 4 bedroom house alone, I almost went blind around the same time and since then I’ve quietly beaten cancer - and all the while I’ve built up my media career, winning multi-million pound commissions and staying upbeat AF. In 2018, I took the leap and resigned from my board-level six figure Ex Warners Bros Executive role to pivot to a new kind of portfolio career and wellness lifestyle, to focus on my coaching work - and build two new businesses from scratch, one of which is a Television Formats company The Empress Way, the other a luxury retreat business called SLAY Retreats.

I have maintained my strong growth mindset throughout thanks to my own inspirational coaches and training; my resilience is what defines me not what happens to me.  My experience of going 100% for my dreams - and achieving against the odds - is contagious! Get involved. I know it's your true (and achievable) power to be living like this.

Life is good people! We CAN actually do incredible things with this life! 
I fully believe it is ALL possible. 
I LOVE helping people rebel norms and rise up. 
To fully clarify and then implement how to get the lifestyle and recognition they dream of. 

I play BIG. I take the risks and I activate others do the same. 

From now on, I’m your catalyst, cheerleader, mentor, coach and expert. 


It’s a 4 month-long, implementational coaching and training program.  That means you don't sit back and do it all alone (we work together, weekly), neither do you need to hand over 10k+ to an agency to do it for you (and hope for the best).

It’s an intimate, curated group-based course (it’s application-only and the cohort is hand selected and capped capacity), each week there is an intensive Q&A 2 hour video call (Yep!) where I answer all your personal queries as you progress through the course. This is a unique opportunity to be supported by a new like-minded network and a structured step-by-step system, to get you ready for your next phase of life. Both inside and out.

I’ll share successful case studies, template emails, do’s and don’ts, and expert insight. This is proper tested ‘know-how’ combined with my holistic coaching framework. Mindset work, energy alignment and manifestation hacks are integral to my work and I take your wellbeing very seriously.

Kindly, this is not for fame-hungry egotists - this is the framework for talented people (anything from actors to authors, singers to spiritual healers, coaches to creatives) to be unleashed ethically and strategically.

I also include videos and cheat-sheets from top international media experts (PRS, Influencers, Agents, Celebs etc) to tell you what they know and recommend (and don’t usually share outside of their elite client base). 


Honestly, why not? YOU KNOW THIS NEXT STEP IS WHAT YOU NEED… you’re a decent person, you have a message. It’s time to leverage the power of mainstream media, unlock your own personal power and unleash your ability to be magnetic, so people end up coming to YOU and you don’t even have to hustle anymore for people to notice you or work with you! 

I’ve been in that place where you scroll through everyone’s social media, snazzy websites and seeing everyone’s names in big media when you’re having a glass of wine, at home… feeling low profile, low energy and well, LOW. 


I’ll share successful case studies and secrets, template emails, do’s and don’ts, expert insight. This is proper media know-how combined with my trademark mindset methods. I also include videos and cheat-sheets from top international media experts (PRS, Influencers, Agents, Celebs etc) to tell you what they know and recommend (and don’t usually share outside of their elite client base). 


Feeling nervous? Yes, that’s because you’re part excited at what could change for you - and part programmed to believe the NONSENSE others have told you through the years about what you're capable of. 


To be clear, we are often led to believe that the media world is impenetrable and ‘mysterious’. It isn’t, and I shine a light on what is do-able and what isn’t within the RR Program and you GET GOING From Week 1 on an action plan (I'm a TV formatter.. I use an easy-to-get 16-week structure). 

But yep, sometimes things can feel foggy and overwhelming when it comes to getting visible. So for starters, before you enroll, here’s some common MEDIA MYTHS about fully stepping into global superstardom recognition levels, which I see time and time again, which we shatter inside the RR Program. 



When I’m good enough, I’ll just be selected by someone in the media on my talent alone. NO. They’re busy and there’s a set of unwritten rules to get the hang of. Show up. 

I have failed before and had bad feedback. So what? That’s one person. What can we learn from that free feedback - and how can we approach it with resilience and strength?

I have tried before and got nowhere, so I suppose I’m not cut out for recognition. NO (What if your favourite musician or author gave up and back to bed, just before they wrote that seminal song or book? Keep going.

I’m not good enough/educated enough/credible enough/established enough. NO. STOP DEPRIVING PEOPLE OF YOUR GOOD STUFF! Start showing up and take up some space or someone else will. Please don’t compare yourself to, or blame other people. Don’t back out of the game by obsessing over social media or other people’s stories. You ARE UNIQUE AND HAVE FLAIR. 

I have nothing new to say/bring/give/do. NO. Please remember the secret nobody tells you... Nobody is actually asking you to reinvent the wheel. I learned this through 15 years of developing TV shows… networks and broadcasters don’t want a brand new ‘never before done’ idea… they just want a format that they know works with an original twist that’s right for their audience. Same with magazines… they want YOUR voice on a tried-and-tested formula (which we cover in detail in the program).

Are you ready to seriously step up your recognition? Let’s check…

  • This is not for you if you are looking for a quick-fix: THIS process REQUIRES SOME MOTIVATION AND IS DESIGNED FOR THOSE WHO ARE NOT AFRAID OF THAT INITIAL GRAFT. 
  • This is not for people with a rigid unshakeable plan on who, where, what etc  - if it has 100% worked out so far, GREAT! But if not, be prepared to think in a new way and learn something new you can do to get more visibility.
  • If you have an aversion to anything to do with mindset or how to attract opportunities to you using advanced manifesting techniques. IT’S THE SECRET WEAPON you can use WAY MORE than you are. Just LIKE I DO, MY CLIENTS DO AND GLOBAL SUPERSTARS DO. 

Let’s look at Oprah, Will Smith, Steve Jobs, Beyonce, JK Rowling, Jim Carey, … these PEOPLE are POSITIVE + PASSIONATE media sensations. They are all about mindset and all of them manifest their dreams. They stay in shape when it comes to their mind and they see and then GRAB opportunities to up-level when they see them.


The time is now - so let’s get on with it! 

Because very soon, with RR, you’ll be stepping into:

  • Your true potential and powerbase
  • Your Leadership style, sorted
  • Your own crystal clear, media friendly brand
  • Your media-mindful mission and message
  • Paid partnership opportunities
  • Public Speaking for exposure



  • Credibility from magazine guest writing, podcasts and TV 
  • Becoming a Thought Leader and known 'name' within your field
  • To see yourself as a leading expert / ambassador 
  • Create genuine likeminded connections
  • Get even more talented and confident in the process
  • To unlock your creativity and see fresh ways of living and working 



  1. If you have a brand, statistically almost half of your reputation will come from YOU.  People buy from people these days, so as a CEO/Founder or even a singer, brand owner or expert, then you’ll need to quickly get good about self-promotion and media-worthy communication strategies. 
  2. If you are seeking personal visibility... SMART. Over HALF of us will be freelancers NEXT YEAR… that’s a lot of competition and a strong reason to have a crystal clear brand and media presence NOW. No matter how GREAT you are - nobody will pick you if they can’t even see you.


You’ll be able to slide into your successful self with the key benefits of my RR Program:

  • More Confidence and Self-Belief
  • A bigger, more relevant media network
  • A STEP BY STEP Strategic plan of what to do across the next 4 months to raise your visibility, profile and mindset.
  • More authentic influence in your sphere
  • A better income as your pricing goes higher (which you can get behind FULLY)
  • Total CLARITY of vision, which matches your values, dreams and social perception.
  • A ‘roll off the tongue’ mission statement and media kit prepared as a foolproof template.
  • A new, like-minded community of rising and established talents within the RR alumni, opening doors for you and having your back.
  • Some ‘ass-kicking’ accountability - someone other than those you know properly helping you rise up, rooting for you. 
  • Me - a passionate life and business coach, active media expert and manifestation queen here to show you the ropes, keep you sane…  and keep you HIGH-VIBE.
  • Raised recognition and a ‘can-do’ action plan for your future career and lifestyle.




Like most people I’ve worked with… it’s a combination of some of these perfectly normal (but totally manageable) worries and fears:
  • Not enough jobs out there - too much competition to stand out
  • Nobody knows who you are
  • No network 
  • Need some real connections
  • Unsure of how to move forward
  • Stuck in toxic patterns that keep you playing small
  • Secretly afraid of being seen + fully visible 
  • No ‘ins’ and closed doors
  • Fear of rejection
  • Lack of funds to put into your own development
  • Losing hope + self-confidence
  • Needing more qualifications before I can feel credible
  • Social media is complicated and just ‘not for me.
  • No strategy to speak off, throwing anything out and wishing it worked 
  • Low self-belief or self-limiting beliefs and blocks that have not been dealt with 
  • Voices in your head say ‘I can’t’ or ‘I havent got time’
  • No accountability, nobody kicking you into action and guiding you
  • Overwhelmed and not sure how to start or make a change
  • Chasing your tail looking for the next opportunity and lacking forward planning

If I were going to tell you the things that stop people from leaping forward with visibility and success it would be a mix of the above. BUT even worse, I sometimes hear one of the following 5 most common BLOCKS pop up from those about to PLAY BIG:

These are all valid in their own right BUT it’s always smart to stop and journal on whether they are ultimately TRUE and whether it might be your sneaky subconscious, or limiting beliefs popping up as excuses.

If your partner is supportive, show them WHY this matters so much to you. Will they say no to the coaching and training, or just the money? What do they think will change for the better if you DON’T take action and do RR? And my fave - if in doubt, ask for forgiveness not permission! I know first-hand what a drag it can be to not have support from your nearest and dearest. It’s your life at the end of the day though, remember that.


If you don’t have the resources, I feel you… but I also challenge you. Perhaps you could be more resourceful? Tony Robbins says this all the time and he’s right. Are you actually considering every option here, or are you bailing before you’ve begun? Investing in yourself, your mindset and your future is the best money ever spent. I stand by it 1000%. It is the ONLY way I have ever up-levelled myself and pretty soon, something like RR will pay for itself 10x because you’ll be READY TO RECEIVE those jobs, those roles, that magazine article, those new supporters and that tapped-in network. Imagine what would come for you from committing to SCALING UP. Plus, investments work because you sure as hell get the work done and give it your attention when you’ve paid out for it! That’s what I’ve seen time and time again and works for me, anyway!

Being 'too busy' is another way of saying you are not prioritising yourself or your future. If we get across our time management and fully align to what we truly WANT then you’ll be surprised how much time you can find in the day. When we are doing stuff we find a graft… that’s when we get frustrated and feel busy. Productivity and creativity SOAR when we are doing what turns us on and discovering our FULL potential. However, I DO understand this may be a side hustle (I did the same once) and so I have designed this to be in bite-sized chunks with EASY to digest videos/pdfs/audios and worksheets with no-brainer topics like ‘How Not To Network in Person’, The Foolproof Mission Statement’ and ‘The RR Creative Visualisation Technique’. Remember, I am a TV formats company CEO, so I like to format things!


If your profile isn’t big yet - well, honestly who cares? Not me. I’ve seen people with zero social media presence FLY into national celebrities because they’ve got straight into the mainstream media or had the right pitch to the relevant people, even BEFORE being visible on other platforms. Most people think it’s a very slow burn… it isn’t always that way. Often we can shoot for the moon, and land in the stars by getting the one media mention, which spreads like wildfire. My only non-negotiable is that you are good at what you do and prepared to commit yourself fully into the program. It’s all about engagement anyway and most of the things you might be lacking (positioning skills, media approaches, mindset, confidence, collaborations - the list goes on) you will learn in the RR program.

And the ‘waiting until X,Y,Z’ one? Well, it sounds blunt but start before you're ready and DON'T WAIT TOO LONG. Having lived with my Dad, who had a stage 4 untreatable cancer since his early 30’s (he was a 15 year medical miracle and his consultants said he defied all logic by even being alive let alone being happy and running marathons - yep, he’s my biggest mindset inspo) and having had those words, ‘it’s cancer’ said to me too… I live for the NOW and encourage you to do the same. To FULLY embrace your life and follow your heart. F*$K IT, LET’S DO THIS!

And so, yes - with RAISING RECOGNITION, I want you to be ALL IN. 
But I don’t want you feeling stressed or worried about whether this is the right decision for you! 
So I’ve made things easy to get started, and here’s how confident I am in this work... 

I’ve never had a request for a refund yet, and I pride myself on my excellent feedback reviews but if you don’t feel that Raising Recognition is the program for you once you’re in and you’ve committed to it, then I want you to be free to remove yourself. That’s why I am proud to offer a full 30 DAY Money Back Guarantee to all my RR alumni. Raising Recognition is an immersive, intense coaching and training experience alongside a group of hand-picked rising and established talents. We think you will LOVE the program and rave about it as much as our testimonials and credibility shows. Our team will do everything they can to make your experience incredible. BUT if you have any concerns, or you just don’t vibe with it -  just show us that you’ve done the work, shown up for the calls and we will give you your money back. We would ask that you carefully consider signing up to the program and equally weigh up your decision to leave, so as to respect the applicants who are alongside you. It’s always a shame to lose new connections!


Bianca Capstick - Soho House Yoga teacher

"Anyone committed to working through her coaching services will come away feeling like they can conquer the world. When I talk about her to friends I refer to her as a modern day Haute Healer, and I love that she brings true depth, consciousness, gratitude, self-belief, self-love and success to a high-flying audience who might shy away from the spiritual if they didn't have someone like Poppy walking the walk and talking the talk to pave the way. “

Lila McConigley - Entrepreneur & Actress

She gave me so many powerful insights, ideas, confidence, tools, skills and inner power.  She asked me some hard questions, but she guided me towards writing my mission statement, which I now have framed in my office.  She made me realise I was chasing my dreams, through my ego rather than through my purpose.  Then I reconnected with my purpose again, it all began to flow.  It has transformed me."

Rachel Harington - Entrepreneur & Wellness Consultant

"I have known Poppy as a powerhouse within the TV industry for years and when she mentioned she was a coach I jumped at the opportunity to work together. I have learned and built more in the 3 months I have worked with her than the past 5 years and I find this huge value for money –  no longer guessing which program or teaching to buy… but being trained by a real manifestation master. What’s great is that I know the best is yet to come!"

So if you want any of this, it’s time to come onboard and apply to be part of the RAISING RECOGNITION fun…here’s what we will be starting on right away:

Once you are accepted onto the RR program you will be enrolled into the RR community and we begin our 16 week program alongside a small group of other successful RR applicants (the numbers are strictly limited). 

  • You’ll start bouncing ideas off each other (and me) in our weekly LIVE video Q&A calls. 
  • You’ll begin your modules taking you through the key steps in a mix of video, audio, worksheets, cheat-sheets and downloadables.
  • You’ll be part of the membership alumni with access to ALL the other RR members forever (woohoo - what an inspirational network you’ll be part of!)
  • You’ll discover new mindset and wellbeing practises to up your inner game.
  • You’ll begin to manifest new ideas, fresh contacts and solidify your USP.
  • You’ll start taking action straightaway, this isn’t self-study - this is weekly developmental vibes where we hit GO!
  • You’ll have me by your side (and gently kicking your ass) to keep you in check! You’ll also have a 1:1 45 minute coaching session with me when you begin, so we can set your 3-step personal action plan for the 16 weeks (just for a value reference point - my coaching and media consultancy work starts at £750 - I don’t offer hourly sessions outside of Raising Recognition) 
  • You’ll have access to the Private Facebook Group where I will add LIVE bonus videos, power mantras, journal prompts, meditations and mini musings to keep you on your toes. There will be experts coming on for interview also - and you'll be able to ask questions in a private online space. 




  • A 1:1 45 minute Kickoff strategy session with me (I'll determine your 3-Stage Action Plan of what you need to focus on within the program and set you up for success)
  • A BRAND NEW RR MODULE is unlocked EVERY WEEK FOR 16 WEEKS! Each tangible and strategically-minded module includes a mix of video tutorials, motivational videos and audios, interviews, media expert sections, PDF worksheets and media approach templates to start using. 

  • A related Inspired Action Challenge and a new ‘Positivity Poppy Affirmation' (PPA) to raise your self-belief HIGHER.

  • A LIVE 2 hour Q & A video call (yes, really... a LIVE 2 HOUR CALL WITH ME EVERY WEEK, where you get to share your progress, stay accountable and ask me your own program-related questions in the 'Hotseat')

  • Hotseat time - 1:1 coaching and training time with me every week within the Q & A video calls.

  • Private Facebook Group Community with content and support

  • Special Bonuses 

  • Lifetime access to the RR program, including ANY updates and extra content added. 






If we haven’t spoken already, then I have set aside some time to talk to you over the next few days about how you can apply these ideas.


If you’re serious about getting more income, influence and impact - here’s how you do it… LET’S HAVE AN ACTUAL CALL TOGETHER to find out more about each other and how I can help you. 

This 45 min 1:1 call is a treat for you - it’s free. 


Here is what will happen on our 45 minute 1:1 call: 


  • We will discover how we can work together and what YOU specifically might need to truly succeed 
  • We will work out your Top BLOCKS, which are currently standing in the way of your recognition. 
  • We can create a positive, tangible plan for you to start upping your visibility. 
  • You will use all of this to take you closer to your ultimate goals

On this call, if you see the value of working together, then I might invite you to ENROLL!

It’s a program that connects you to the next phase of your life. As you will expect, it also connects you to the media world in a very ‘hands-on’ way with my own contacts and relationships. I have top global experts as part of this to give you feedback, steers and info on how to get your specific UP-LEVEL.  

If we decide to work together, we will begin ASAP! 

And if we don’t decide to work together, then that’s totally okay, too. It may be that this is not for you at this time.

But I do have some requirements for this call...

This RAISING RECOGNITION CALL is for you if...

  • You are ready to step up and be coached and supported to get the recognition you’re after.
  • This is for… open-minded, proactive, talented and driven people only. 
  • You must be … unavailable for a pity party. No excuses. Let’s look to the future now and play BIG. This is to get results!
  • You must be willing to do the proven work within the media program, consistently across the 16 weeks. 
  • You must be dedicated to my program and our call together also serves as the enrollment application (with possible further steps if necessary). I only work with A-players or future A-players because my network and media knowledge is far too important to me. This is a curated coaching experience where we form a new connections, so please do not be offended if I cannot enroll you. 

I won’t be able to hold the spaces in my calendar for long, and places on the RAISING RECOGNITION program are extremely limited, so please act now and get into my diary quickly!

I have what I believe is the only implementational program that blends hardcore media expertise with conscious coaching methods.


If you’d like to hear what those I work with say about me, or any of the publications or institutions I work with have said to recommend my work, please have a look at the following:


Alexis Price - Media Creative Director

Poppy is dazzlingly creative but also one of the most inspiring and nurturing professionals out there. She's a warrior for women and the perfect person to have in your corner.

Martha Housdan - Creative Director, BBC

There’s nothing ordinary about Poppy. Whether she’s pitching a new TV concept, presenting to an audience of hundreds or simply having a chat down the pub, she makes you engage with and see the world in a dazzling new light. And that’s a rare quality. She’s also disarmingly honest and very funny.

Imani Evans - Actor and Model

Poppy is a supportive and successful boss lady who recognises your talents and supercharges them. She’s warm-hearted, she cares and she’ll champion you. I’d recommend her in a flash if you want someone badass to upgrade your life!

If you have watched my Online Masterclass and if you are enrolling in November...


If you have any questions please contact our team at  or please check the FAQ’s* below to see if your question is covered there. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Lifetime access! I will also add to this course over time and you will automatically gain access to any upgrades, extra bonus content, new experts and worksheets.

We have an initial kickoff creative session. After that, the hotseat is 1:1 coaching time within the Q & A calls, and discuss your questions, issues, and opportunities that you most want help with. This is directly with me on a one-to-one basis within the group call, with added bonus of support and intel from the rest of the hand-selected group I put together. I’ll come back to you LIVE every week with feedback, ideas, strategies, insights and resources to help you move ahead for the particular week you're on within the program. My own experience and intuition will be in full swing and I am there to give you coaching and feedback on everything from feeling like an imposter to making that big media approach.

The Q & A calls are recorded for you - so you can access them at any time, if you know you'll miss a Q & A in advance then you can send in your questions and listen to the answer later.

If you need to miss a whole module, you can catch up after your 16 weeks is done because you'll still have access to the Facebook group.

A hotseat is when you take the audio and video within the Q & A calls, and discuss your questions, issues, and opportunities that you most want help with, directly with me on a one-to-one basis within the group call, with comments from the rest of the group. I’ll then come back to you live with feedback, ideas, strategies, insights and resources to help you move ahead for that particular week. My own experience and intuition will be in full swing and I am there to give you coaching and feedback. 

As with my personal coaching, I’m hand picking applicants who I feel have the talent, drive and passion to really make it, and also those who share similar ethos and values about success, authenticity and consciousness. I want to work with A game people who “get it” and who you’d want to collaborate with or spend time with. Those people will be kind, supportive, fun, credible, generous and real. With a desire to have a holistic approach to their work, which serves people and will ultimately lead to the respect, legacy and reputation you’d be proud of, and want to be in the energy of. 

In intimate and curated coaching and training programs like Raising Recognition, I only accept talented individuals (and also bands/business parters are welcome to share the course) that I feel I can make a major impact on, and who have the kind of integrity, soul and dedication I want to guide, nurture and promote.  If you’ve ever been to any of my talks, retreats, panels or coaching events, you’ll know that I attract tremendously high-potential people across key industries, with a focus on the Media and Creative industries. Anyone from actors, experts, CEO's, brand leaders, DJ's, artists, healers, singers, entrepreneurs, photographers, dancers, surgeons, comedians and presenters have been my clients. 

Absolutely. This RR program is mixed and ready to roll!

Email my team at and they’ll get back to you as soon as they can.

i am unlike other coaches in that I offer you your money back if you have done the work, shown up and it isn't for you. I am confident this is what you will require and I haven't had a refund request yet. Please see the full Refund policy - and read everything thoroughly for full details before enrolling so you make an informed decision. 

I enable you to make yourself famous, if that's what you want. I am here to guide you through the strategies behind creating a strong media-ready brand that works and the most useful process by which to get there. There will be some extra doors open within my network that will provide you with the opportunities to become widely know but it is up to you to grab those opportunities yourself. What you put into this, you will get back so don't expect to sit back and wake up successfully visible if you don't follow the structure I lay out for you. 

You will get instant access to the membership portal, the Facebook Group for your RR cohort and a selection of bonuses. The modules open up every week and once you have them, you can go at your own speed and keep them forever. 

I stand proud of my transformative work and my prices are not currently available by the hour. Rather, I work anywhere from £750 for a Creative half-day package with a client or brand, all the way up to a £15,000 commitment for a long-term private client. If you're looking for  quick self-study type course - this isn't it as we're in this RR program together! However, I coach AND train a small group in this, therefore it is the most cost-effective way to work with me (and my high-level, supportive network). 


The Mindset Coach and Media Maven 

Poppy Delbridge is an established life and business coach to celebrities, talent and brand owners. 

As a creative entrepreneur and ex Warner Bros Exec, she is the Founder and CEO of a TV Entertainment company, with 15+ years EXPERTISE in creating, branding, pitching and producing MEDIA content - everything fromThe Voice to cult Charlie Brooker hits. Based in London, she runs her signature coaching and training program “Raising Recognition” for her loyal network, which CONNECTS talented individuals and brand leaders to the Media Industry... and crucially, to their own POTENTIAL.

Poppy and her team specialise in helping anyone from entrepreneurs and experts, to presenters and public figures from all over the world RAISE their RECOGNITION using a combined system of top media strategies and CONSCIOUS personal development methods.

Her passion is helping others discover and implement the steps to SCALE and SHINE their way to their own versions of SUCCESS for more impact and visibility, as well as income and holistic wellbeing.


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